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Times they are a changin’…

As I sit here clicking away at my laptop, businesses in California have reopened, and some have been forced to reclose due to the ol’ rona.

With our economic fate being thrown into a tizzy, it’s no wonder more and more creative souls are turning to social media to launch or grow their online businesses.

If you fall into this group and are feeling a litttttttttlllleeee lost by how to get started on Instagram, here are 5 quick tips to get you going.

  • Audit your username: include what you do if possible as this is a searchable area on IG.
  • Audit your bio: include what you do, who you serve, and an opt in if you have one (otherwise a link to your website).
  • Create a hashtag repository with 5 groups of hashtags. Rotate through these so you’re not using the same hashtags each time you post. For example: Monday — group 1, Tuesday — group 2, Wednesday — group 3, etc.
  • Post to your feed at least 2 times each week (more if you feel comfortable), but if you’re just getting started, 2 is a good place to start.
  • Post to your stories every single day. This can be curated/ shared content, sharing your feed posts to your stories, images, and video. Include a CTA to DM you for more information. People in your DMs are more likely to see your future posts.

There’s so much more to dive into on this subject! If you’re interested in learning more social strategies, join the Coven of Social Sorceresses Facebook Group.

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