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Have disapproved ads been the bane of your existence lately… or is it just me?

It seems like Facebook is disapproving ads with more frequency every single day. And, I hate to say it, but this trend is likely to continue.

With so much international political controversy over Ads Manager, Facebook had to make a change. Unfortunately, it’s going to affect all of us who advertise on their platform.

While ads are being disapproved at an alarming rate, did you know that it might be your old disapprovals that could cause your account to get shut down?

Crazy, right?!

As it stands today, if your ad account has too many disapproved ads, it could possibly get shut down — EVEN if those ads aren’t even running.

In the super short tutorial below, I’m demonstrating a quick trick for finding all of your ads labeled not approved without going through each individual campaign.

Once you’ve found your disapproved ads, you have three options to help prevent your account from getting shut down.

  1. Delete the ad completely.
  2. Edit the ad until it is approved.
  3. Request a review from Facebook or chat with Facebook support until it’s approved.

Although there’s no clear number on how many disapproved ads will cause your account to get shut down, it’s safe to say you’re better off with as few disapprovals as possible!

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