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Hey there, Lisa here and today I want to talk to you about client communications and my number 1 tip for effectively setting expectations and boundaries from the start.

You know the scenario all too well.

It’s friggen 8 pm and you’re about to Netflix so hard, and a client calls.

You answer, because you’re a nice person and this might be an emergency, but 45 minutes later you realize they just can’t figure out if they’d rather have sushi or a burrito for dinner.

The thing is though, once your client starts calling and texting at all hours, it’s HARD to break the routine.


So how do you fix it?

You start by creating an onboarding package and in that neat lil package, you include a “HOW I WORK” document (visit the recipes page to snag this template). 

In one beautifully written document, you outline what the client can expect from you and sprinkle in a few of your own expectations throughout.

In the document I use in my own business, I keep it friendly, let the client know that I’m there to support them, that I have their best intentions in mind, talk about appropriate communication methods, and appropriate communication times.

By outlining this ahead of time and giving it to your client, they know exactly what to expect and can rest assured that you are on their team, but that DOESN’T mean you’re available 24/7.

Grab my sample letter for inspiration or copy that ish as is.

I can’t wait to hear how this improves your client communications!

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