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Episode 4 of the No Sugar Show is here and today we are talking kindness in marketing. Give the episode a listen, or read the full blog below!

Kindness in Marketing

For a very long time, my Instagram bio read “Believer in kindness.” Somewhere between all the profile optimization research I’d done, I changed it to better reflect my social prowess. But, kindness is something very near and dear to me. 

For months I’ve been thinking about what the principle of kindness means to the world of marketing, and how individuals, marketers, and corporations can embed kindness into their business, into their message, into their every day practice. 

In thinking about this idea, the first concept I wanted to unravel was what the art of kindness means. So, let’s start there, shall we?

How Can Kindness Be Qualified in Marketing?

Kindness is the ultimate joy sparkler, or joy firecracker if you will. It’s magnetic and inspiring. It calls your audience to feel something. To make kindness part of your marketing, means you must know your target audience deeply. To be a kind marketer means you value things like influence over authority and acceptance rather than exclusion. 

How Can Kindness Be Used as a Marketing Tool?

To use kindness in your marketing really is quite simple… it’s all about connection. Your goal should be to make your target audience feel connected to you and connected to those in your tribe.

More than ever, the global climate today calls for more kindness. But it also benefits your business in so many ways. 

For starters, it breeds the business basics of know, like, and trust. You’ve probably heard these three little words shouted from every Facebook Live, IGTV video, and Story you’ve ever seen about marketing, business principles, or attracting leads. There’s a reason they are so important. It’s the basic journey your new client or customer must go through before there is ever a monetary exchange or even an information exchange. 

If you operate a business with employees or plan to have one (or  more) eventually, kindness also gives your employees something to stand behind… something they want to be part of. What could possibly be more powerful than that? Your employees may become your best marketers yet. 

Kindness also offers the very best biz tool there is: Transformation. When people feel inspired, connected, and called together bigger things can happen. Bigger, faster, more impactful transformation comes to light. 

Then What Isn’t Kind Marketing?

A kind marketing movement means the death of bro marketing. Loosely defined, bro marketing uses tactics like scarcity, click-baity headlines, false promises, and manipulations that are intended to straight up fuck with your psyche and get you to buy immediately. 

Sound kind? 


Gone are the days of sleazy sales tactics and false promises. 

To be a kind marketer is to focus on being significant to your audience. Tell them exactly how you can help them. When you bring kindness into your marketing, you focus more on your client or customer and your community than you do on your KPIs. 

No, this doesn’t mean your CPL or CPC is going to skyrocket, it means you’ll likely see the exact opposite. It’s still possible for you to get leads for under $1 and build your audience organically. 🤯

The Kind Results

Every campaign you create may look a little different, and so will your KPIs, but the result is going to be a better customer relationship, an evolved customer journey, and an influx of lifetime customers. 

The sweetest part is of course, the transformation. Both you and your customer evolve. You become a more authentic business and your client feels gratitude for having your product or service in their life.

Now THAT my friends, is kindness for the friggen win. 

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