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Today we are talking about social media posting frequency. As a marketing strategist, this is something I get asked about all the time.


I get it though. Social media can be completely overwhelming. There’s always a new network, the algorithms are always changing, frankly, it’s friggen hard to keep up.

But my darling, you are in the great game now…

So here’s a recipe for you:
Facebook: 1-2 times per day
IG: 1-3 times per day
Twitter: up to 10 times per day
Youtube: Once per week
Stories (IG or SnapChat): ALWAYS

But hold up, I have a secret ingredient for you.

You can throw that entire recipe out the window IF:
You post with consistency
Your content is engaged with regularly
You’re doing what works for you

That’s the true secret sauce. If you post 1-2 times a day on Facebook it does not guarantee you more Facebook “likes.”

But, posting consistent high-value content with high engagement will.

Now I’m not saying to post once every 6 months, keep it more consistent than that, but do create a posting schedule that works for you, not against you.

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