Welcome to the bakery

Game-changing, attention-grabbing marketing starts with a shift in systems. You read that right. I said systems. While your marketing should be creative, the right processes and recipes can bring out your very best work. That’s what you’ll find in this library of free resources — templates designed to take you to the next level.

A quick note on what to expect

These templates were not designed to be pretty; they were designed to be effective. Please note, you will not find a fancy PDF that you need to print to use (making it completely useless). I’ve built the majority of these templates in Google Docs and my beloved Airtable because that’s where your workflows happen — that’s where the magic starts!

Content Marketing

Write Killer Blogs

Do you ever wake up dreading the blog post you have to write? Do you feel like your blogs aren’t connecting and aren’t resonating with your audience? Then, my lady, this template is for you. In it, you’ll get the exact recipe you need to create killer blog posts.Stop dreading blogging; start creating impact with your words.

Editing Checklist
Edit blogs, articles, site copy, and more with CONFIDENCE. Get your team organized and on the same page — all while avoiding the dreaded TYPO.

Social Media

Facebook Audiences 101
You wouldn’t throw spaghetti at the wall and hope it sticks, would you? Maybe you would, but don’t do that with your Facebook ads. Learn the basics of creating audiences and start running ads like the savvy social maven you are.

Productivity & Communications

How I Work

If you’re sick and tired of clients calling and texting at all hours of the day and night, then this template is for you! This is my “How I Work” doc which I send to clients during the onboarding phase. Use as is or as inspiration for your own “How I work” document.

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