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The FB Ads Step You’re Missing

In 2018, it doesn’t seem like you’re a real business until you’ve started advertising on Facebook. #AMIRIGHT It’s the place to be. It’s the newspaper of eons past. It’s an inexpensive way to reach about a gazillion people all for around five...

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How To Write A Blog Post That Doesn’t Suck

You’re ready to start blogging, but just realized you have no fing clue how to write a blog post. Well, this post has you covered! Scroll baby, scroll! Quick Synopsis In case you have the brain of a goldfish here’s the overview and a link to where you can...

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How to communicate with clients

Hey there, Lisa here and today I want to talk to you about client communications and my number 1 tip for effectively setting expectations and boundaries from the start. You know the scenario all too well. It’s friggen 8 pm and you’re about to Netflix so...

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How to increase productivity

Today we’re talking PRODUCTIVITY. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen my recent productivity tip about scheduling and routine. In this video, I’m going to expand on that concept. Something you need to know about me. I love getting...

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How email targeting helps your business

Hey Straight Shooter, Lisa here. In my last video I  talked about targeted email marketing for beginners and today I want to talk to you about how email targeting can help your business. I recently came across a  Jupiter Research study that found that...

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Targeted email marketing for beginners

Hey Straight Shooter, Today we are talking targeted email marketing for beginners. Email marketing has been touted as the “golden ticket” to success and sales by pretty much everyone. So, you started emailing your list and your results are mediocre. Now my...

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How often to post to social media

Today we are talking about social media posting frequency. As a marketing strategist, this is something I get asked about all the time. ALL OF THE TIME. I get it though. Social media can be completely overwhelming. There’s always a new network, the...

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Business lessons I learned in June 2017

Holy crap. What a month. A LOT has changed for me in a matter of a month. Where to begin. I did a lot of soul searching  in June. I was having a lot of self doubt. So much so that I even started applying for jobs — something that to me signaled that I was failing....

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WTF is a sales funnel

Have you ever wondered if you need a sales funnel? Or maybe you just asked yourself WTF is a funnel? This video is my PSA on sales funnels.  Before you jump on the Facebook ad > landing page bandwagon, think about what it is you can provide to people. What's the thing...

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