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As a marketer, there are certain “bucket list” events. Over the course of my marketing career, I’ve had the opportunity to attend several of these, but I had nothing on the books for 2018.

About one month ago, I was presented with the opportunity to attend Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego.

Yesterday was day one of the event.

I have to tell you; I’m completely blown away … and it’s only the beginning!

It’s hard to say which was the most valuable session, but I’ve learned SOOO much.

Bringing It To LTM

As the founder of Lisa Travis Media, a few things became very apparent to me at the end of day one. As a content creator and social media manager, I see the benefit of paid traffic and socially ignited traffic every day.

However, day one really drove home the need to create not just better content, but the best content.

You might be thinking, duh Lisa, that’s content marketing — creating exceptional content is the key to success.

But it’s bigger than that. It’s not just about creating one great video or one great blog post — it’s about creating the right mix of content.

So what does this mean for LTM and my clients?

Stronger content, long-form content, content creating multiple media types.

I can’t wait to see how this helps catapult my clients ahead of their competition.


Check back to find out what I learned during day two of  Traffic & Conversion Summit!

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