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I think that’s about all I can say after day three at Traffic & Conversion Summit.

I had to take the day off before writing this post just to let everything settle.

If I thought day two was impressive, day three was no letdown! The content on the final day of the summit was nothing short of amazing.

You know how some conferences start to wind down and the less sought-after speakers are put in weird time slots on the final day? Yeah, definitely not the case here.

Traffic & Conversion Summit Day Three Highlights

My favorite speaker of the day was hands down Pete Vargas. His session was all about growing your speaking business (a big goal of mine in 2018). While teaching the audience exactly how to give the perfect speech — he gave the perfect speech.

Not only was I moved by his personal story, but I walked away from his session knowing exactly what I needed to do.

How cool is that!

Information, tips, tricks, and new tech to try are all great, but being able to have a speaker actually give you actionable items and clarity is absolutely priceless.

As soon as I got home from Traffic & Conversion, I also had to hop back on my computer to download the slides from Roland Frasier.  In his session, he broke down which tools the Digital Marketer team uses to drive insane traffic.

Needless to say, I spent most of the evening testing new apps and software 😈

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